by Ted Dekker

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Another remarkable story *****

Johnis, Silvie, Darsal, and Billos continue on their quest in this second installment of Ted Dekker's Circle Series. Having just helped the Forest Guard thwart a major Horde attack, they now find themselves settling into their new leadership roles. Johnis soon learns that his missing mother might be living as a prisoner among the Horde. Despite his promise to seek out the hidden Books of History, Johnis decides to follow his heart back into danger and find a way to save his mother. Soon Johnis and Silvie embark on a dangerous mission that may just put the future of Elyon's followers in jeopardy.

Ted Dekker has crafted another remarkable story full of heart, suspense, and action. Infidel takes us deeper inside the veiled world of the Horde, and what Johnis and company discover about their enemies is surprising and eye-opening. At its core, this is a story about compassion, acceptance, and honor. The insights into humanity that Johnis experiences are compelling and his inner battle of duty vs. compassion is incredibly captivating.

Dekker is known for plots full of unexpected twists and turns, and his hard core fans will not be disappointed. Infidel is full of fascinating characters, beautiful and vivid landscapes, and gut wrenching battles. However, Dekker's major strength is clearly found in his ability to persistently entertain on a high level while causing readers to think and question. This new young adult series is a fresh and exciting addition to the world of Ted Dekker.

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